Thank you for considering purchasing a print from Deveau Photography.  I hope I may be able to provide information here that will assist with your decision. 


What are acrylic face mount prints?

Acrylic face mount prints are a very modern, contemporary method for printing and displaying photographic prints.  Prints are printed on photographic paper, mounted on the "face" side with an optically clear adhesive to a sheet of optically clear, UV-resistant, plexiglass.  There is no frame, so the photo is displayed edge to edge on the wall, allowing for a very immersive viewing experience.  Pieces come with a "flout mount" that is smaller than the piece itself, so when the piece is placed on the wall, it appears to "float" off the wall.  These are stunning pieces that need to be seen in person to be appreciated. 

Why do you only offer acrylic face mount prints?

One of the challenges photographic artists face in delivering prints to client is settling on a delivery media for the display of prints. These days, we are fortunate to have a very wide variety of print media, giving many options for different circumstances.  While I appreciate (and was trained on) traditional matting and framing techniques, I prefer to offer my clients more contemporary pieces that are ready to hang on the wall once they receive them.  I've tested many different media (canvas, metal, acrylic), and the face mount acrylic prints present a high level of detail and tonality that I'd come to expect from the high resolution digital files my cameras generate.  These pieces are stunning and you will not be disappointed.  

Why is the size of the finished piece slightly smaller than the advertised size?

Due to the manufacturing process, small variances may occur

I don't see the size that I want. Is it possible to order sizes that are not listed in the shop?

Sure! In the shop I have used and listed common sizes, but I realize that the art of decorating is very personal and custom sizing may be required to fit your needs.  If you are interested in a size that is not listed in the shop, please contact me using the "contact" tab in the navigation bar to the left.  Let me know what piece[s] you are interested and what size.  Custom sizes require custom quotes and therefore they may be a slight surcharge in the price.  Please understand that custom sized pieces may take slightly longer to produce as well. 

Why do the colors on the print not match the colors I see on my computer screen?

Different monitors and different web browsers often display color differently.  The variety of computer hardware and software currently available makes it impossible for me to assure that what you see on your computer monitor will match the print that ships.  I have taken the utmost care to ensure that the pictures I publish on the web match in terms of color the original pictures as best they can.  In addition, I have tested many labs, many different papers, and many types of media and I can assure you that the print you receive in the mail matches my artistic vision as close as possible.  These prints look stunning and I am very happy with the results I have achieved in collaboration with my partner labs. 

How can I minimize reflections on the plexiglass?

No print media is perfect.  One drawback of the acrylic face mount prints is they tend to reflect stray and ambient light (just like traditional glass/acrylic in framed prints).  Reflections can be minimized with proper placement and lighting. 

The plexiglass on one of my pieces got scratched. Can this be fixed?

Yes. Scratches in the plexiglass can easily be buffed out by Novus #2 or 3 plastic polish.