D7000 + Lightroom 2 = ANNOYING

Awhile back I got a Nikon D7000 as a backup camera.  I'm still getting to know it, so the jury is still out on my overall thoughts of the camera.  I have just now started to try and play around with the some of the photos from the D7000 and have run into some problems worth sharing.  For photo management, I currently use Adobe's Lightroom 2 (version 2.7 to be exact).  Lightroom 2 uses Adobe Camera Raw version 5.7 (at least my copy) as it's RAW conversion engine.  Well, it turns out .NEF files from the D7000 (.NEF files are Nikon's RAW image format) cannot be read with Lightroom 2 and ACR 5.7.  You need ACR 6.3.  Lightroom 2 can't use ACR 6.3.  This means that Lightroom 2 cannot natively import .NEF files from the D7000 and you need Lightroom v3.3 for this native functionality.  Annoying.  If you don't feel like upgrading or buying Lightroom 3 yet, thankfully there is a workaround.  The .NEF D7000 files can be converted to .DNG files using Adobe's DNG conversion tool and then imported into Lightroom 2 as .DNG files.  Just tried it out and it worked, but is incredibly annoying that it appears Adobe is no longer supporting Lightroom 2.  Maybe they made an announcement about this, maybe I'm flat wrong.  Either way Lightroom 2 with ACR 5.7 will not import D7000 .NEFs and you must add another step (.NEF -> .DNG conversion) to your workflow in order to work with D7000 RAW files in Lightroom 2.