All Day

Girl Talk and MOO

As most of you out there know, Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) has a new album out: All Day.  It can be downloaded from the man himself for free here.  I've been digging it so far and if you're interested in what samples are used where, then check this out.  I'm not sure if it's 100% comprehensive but pretty handy none-the-less.  Girl Talk is also going on tour and the dates can be found here.  If you've never been to a Girl Talk show I'd strongly recommend checking it out....LOTS of energy and definitely something to experience. In terms of Deveau Photography I finished the layouts for the business cards tonight and will hit "submit" on my order as soon as I get paid tomm.  Pretty nerdy but I'm pretty excited about this.  I'm using MOO for the cards (this set at least, hopefully they turn out as planned).  So far it's been relatively painless getting the designs and things into MOO.  They provide an Adobe Illustrator template (I used Illustrator CS5 for my designs) with the proper sizing and directions and what not which makes it easy for design/print newbies like myself to get something together.  The photos were a little more challenging on the other hand.  My main problem when I did the watermarking for the cards was that I had a mixture of pics in a 4x5 ratio and in a 4x6 ratio.  I found out the hard way that the 4x5 ratio (ones I had cropped for 8x10 prints) didn't really fit that great onto a card so I had to resize a lot of the pics to 4x6.  A pain, but now I know, and so do you.  They have a photo enhancement option which made some of the photos look good but I opted out because it distorted the colors on my logo.  The photos also get cropped slightly due to a "bleed" area.  This is something to keep in mind that you can get around by printing the photos to JPEG in Lightroom (I use Adobe Lightroom 2 for my photo management needs....soon to be Lightroom 3) with a border....scales the pic down with the proper dimensions with a border that you can use for your bleed area.  I'll try that for my cards in the future but this particular set I just wanted to get done.  Call me antsy buuuuuuut whatever.  Business cards will take 6-9 business days, so hopefully I'll have to give out around the holidays.  cheers