OneLight DVD

Thanks to a recent black friday sale I got my hands on the OneLight DVD Workshop by Atlanta photographer Zack Arias.  Being relatively new to off-camera lighting, I'm trying to take in all the tips and advice I can get at the moment to make not only my photos better but make myself a better photographer.  Zack is great at what he does and offers a workshop in Atlanta and throughout the country.  Unfortunately the workshop sells out REALLY fast and cost wise is out of my current budget.  For people like myself, he put together the next best thing:  a workshop DVD.  While a little pricey, it's still a fraction of the cost of the real-life workshop, and I've already picked up some tips from the disc.  Can't wait to get through the whole thing and start applying some new tips/tricks/etc.  Some of the proceeds for this sale went to an Atlanta charity, so not only do I get to pick up some lighting tips, I'm putting some $$ back into the Atlanta community.  Hopefully I'll get through it this weekend and get back to shooting some in the near future.  I have several sets of pics I need to edit at the moment, and this being the end of the semester I'll have my plate full for the next two weeks or so.  Til then....

The Zack Arias OneLight DVD Workshop can be purchased from UsedFilm Studios here: