Deveau Photography: Now Award Winning!

While I told myself I'd leave my personal life out of this blog, I feel the content of this post was worth sharing.  Most anyone who meets me knows that I'm generally relatively modest and not one for shameless self-promotion when it comes to things I actually care about.  Emory University, where I am currently in school, recently held their annual University-wide arts showcase.  I decided to take a picture off the wall (literally) and submit it for the hell of it, and I took home first place!  Usually, my more "artistic" pics I do just for myself, simply because I want to have things to put on my wall and make something that hopefully maybe someone will appreciate after I'm long gone.   While I've always appreciated and valued feedback from my friends and family, this contest was incredibly flattering and it was rewarding to know that others appreciate my work as well.  I want to thank everyone for their support to date....I'm starting to line up some shoots for the spring and now that the weather is starting to turn I'm sure more photos will come, so stay tuned! My arts showcase entry can be viewed here